Marmoribus demo launch

After a whole month the game demo launch! I was a little worry there because originally I was having problems with the win/lose rules but it was simple to fix after learning how to do it. The game is for Indie Game Making contest 2018, however I do plan to keep working on this. Unlike my other 3d projects which has no support on the engine anymore, Marmoribus is done entirely on Coppercube. 

Future plans are:

  • Multiplayer/Co-op
  • Collecting marbles
  • More challenging levels
  • Better Models (it will still be able to be run at lower OS)
  • Very low priority: How Mac OS works

Right now I'm waiting for Indie Game Making contest results. The money can help speed up the development and donations are welcome too. Thank you for reading and enjoy the game.

Files 220 MB
Nov 27, 2018
Marmoribus-setup.exe 210 MB
Nov 27, 2018
Marmoribus 220 MB
Nov 27, 2018

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