Marmoribus plan for 2019 and beyond

Happy 2019, sorry for the long delay for the update. Something came up and it needed to be done. I did not win the IGMC contest, surprising someone won with the help of a youtuber who asks many of his followers to vote. Apart from that, my game did not reach the numbers I wanted people to play. 141 views and 20 downloads is very low. It's a good game, but I have to put it on hold until my main project The Unknowns Saga vol 4 is complete.

Volume 4 of Saga Unknowns is now my only project. No more website updates, no Jams, last minute things, none of that. I have plans an opportunity to launch it in the Epic store. Ultra is another website store if they allow my game to be published. Amazon stopped the PC downloads and only have html5 and apps. I will still upload to Amazon but only for the app. will always be where you can find all my games and projects. My book will be published on that site and only on that site. I will still try to find an editor, but after the volume 4 is done. I can not delay the book any longer, it needs to be published as soon as possible.

Sorry, everyone who wanted Marmoribus updates, but currently it is not possible. I had plans to test the game online with a Raspberry Pi server and many other great ideas with new levels, but I can not continue. I think the Coppercube 6 engine is an easy game engine. The 10 levels were easy to build within 1 month, changes can be made quickly, getting a way to have it multiplayer is within the possibility. Once again, I'm sorry, I hope to return to the project after the book is published as a physical copy.

until next time or next month.

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