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The Unknowns Saga: Parallel Universe is a new game that allows players to explore the world and experience their own VN story. There will be 9 maps and 1 quest to complete, however the key can be anywhere. Even though the title says 'The Unknowns Saga' this version has no connection to the series.

Due to overwhelming work on the code and models i must put it on hold until i have the right equipment.

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List of known bugs:

  1. player moving npc
  2. player not dieing from green box
  3. going to the forest will lag the game or music
  4. entering "example of map creation" will close the game

Not a bug:

  1. box sky
  2. player being a fish
  3. not being able to go underwater
  4. missing parts in volcano map

Special thanks to people who help make the gamma version:

  • mindi abair
  • alexey pavlov
  • ilona
  • rafi
  • c4dquba, miguel, luka, daniel
  • Luca Rodolfi - rodluc2001 - www.rodluc.com
  • NeoAxis community

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Published Apr 20, 2015
StatusOn hold
Tags3D, Exploration, map, Open World

Install instructions

it should work, if you have problems with it please visit Plurk website and send a private message. you can also keep updated by following me.



gamma test.zip 165 MB