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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Unknowns Saga is a story about kids with superpowers stopping Dark. They meet each other as well learn more about what "Unknown" is from Noui. This remake is to fix everything that volume 0 never had or do better than I did. Once only for PC, now everywhere to the world.

special thanks to:


RPG Maker community

and more

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Install instructions

Mac and linux users im so sorry but i have no idea if it will 100% work on your systems because i do not have those.

bug fix #1: Apparently when you exclusive everything in RPG maker, the plugins resources like images do not count as the game's main export. This is now fix.

Update 1.2: Long awaited music room added!


Es todo en carpetas zip, Mac y Linux usuarios lo siento pero no tengo ni idea si funcionará 100% en sus sistemas porque no tengo los sistemas operativos.


fix unknown game remake (170 MB)
Unknowns Saga setup.exe (203 MB)
mac (190 MB)
lunix (194 MB)

Also available on

Development log


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hey rlly cool game bu t i cant play for very long cause my dad tries too hit me if i use his laptop for to long so can u put this on the apple store so i can play on my ipad thanks.

The apple store cost $100 a year and i don't have that much money. the app is ready but to play it on apple devices, it would require jailbreaking the ipod and that can lead to many problems with apple's agreement and warranty.